FAQs – Two-way radio system

Our current two-way radio system only allows us to communicate within a limited area. What is the range of your system?
PositionPTT radios allow you to communicate across the country and around the globe. You can use our radios in nearly any location that has cellular coverage.
We are a small HVAC company… Is your solution affordable?
Yes, very affordable! In fact, the PositionPTT solution is a fraction of the cost of most smartphones and cellular plans. It is also much more affordable than many traditional two-way radio systems.
Do you offer financing?
Absolutely! Financing plans start as low as $27/mo with $0 down for the equipment and service.
Can my employees make calls, send texts, surf the web, check social media, etc.?
No. Prepare to see a large increase in employee productivity! Our radios are programmed to only communicate with each other, with dispatch, and report their location.
So I can track the location of my employees?
Yes, and much more! You can view the location of your entire workforce from one screen, set unlimited geofences to be notified when users leave a pre-determined area, and view route playback for the previous 12 hours.
How does dispatching work? Can we communicate with our field service reps from the office?
You can communicate with your entire workforce from any connected Windows PC or tablet. Communicate privately with a single user or use group calling to communicate with many users at once.
I am a fleet manager for a large trucking company. Are my drivers subject to hefty distracted driving fines whiles using these radios?
No. The one-touch talk functionality fully complies with DOT distracted driver laws and eliminates your exposure to these large fines.
We have managers and supervisors that need to carry a smartphone. Can they communicate with the PTT radios?
Great question. Yes, we have developed an Android and iOS app that will allow smartphones users to communicate with PTT radio users and dispatch.
Do you offer vehicle mounted mobile radios? We have issues with handsets getting lost or stolen.
Yes. We offer several PTT form factors to include handhelds and vehicle mounted mobile radios.
I own a security company.. do your devices have any emergency features?
They sure do. Our handheld radios have a physical panic button that will alert dispatch of an emergency as well as display the users location.
What network technology do you use? We have heard some companies will need to replace their radios soon.
While other carriers have announced the sunsetting of their 3G networks by 2021, all of our radios operate on the latest 4G LTE networks which ensures your investment will last for many years.
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