Ten Push To Talk Features Successful Transportation Companies Use Everyday

Transportation companies keep things moving. Whether it’s a bus company moving a group of people from one city to another, a long-haul trucking company transporting goods across the country, or a taxi company picking up a fare at the airport, these companies are relied on for nearly every aspect of life.

The key to keep things running smoothly for these transportation companies is fast reliable communication. Dispatch needs to communicate with their delivery drivers, taxi and ride share companies need to communicate with their passengers, trucking companies need to communicate with their warehouses and list goes on.

Transportation companies have been using push to talk technology for years. The problem with traditional two-way radio communication has always been its geographic limitations. Traditional LMR systems only have a range of 10 – 20 miles at most. Push to Talk over 4G LTE technology solves this problem by keeping companies connected to their fleets wherever there is a cellular signal, across the country or around the world.

The benefits of a nationwide push to talk solution don’t stop there. We have assembled a list of the top ten features of our push to talk platform that transportation companies use every day to increase productivity, improve driver safety, reduce costs and much more.

Track drivers, vehicles, and deliveries

The PositionPTT platform will allow dispatchers to view the exact location of its entire fleet in real time from a single screen.

Reduce your risk for hefty distracted driver penalties

PositionPTT handheld and mobile radios are fully compliant with the Department of Transportation distracted driver laws. Avoiding these costly fines could help save your business thousands each year.

Ensure driver safety

The most valuable asset of any transportation company is its people. PositonPTT handheld radios come equipped with a dedicated emergency SOS feature that will alert dispatch of an unsafe situation. An audible alert will sound on the dispatch portal providing the exact location of the driver in distress.

Instantly connect to fleets and drivers

Group calling allows dispatch to instantly connect to the entire fleet with the push of a button. Dispatchers can send critical information to their fleet via instant push to talk or text message.

Dispatch Drivers

The PositionPTT dispatch platform allows your company to easily dispatch the closest driver to any jobsite, delivery address, or customer pickup location. Our powerful geofencing feature lets you establish a radius around your most common jobsites or pickup and delivery locations to instantly see which driver is closest to that location.

Improve accountability, productivity, and efficiency

PoitionPTT dispatch software features GPS route playback and audio call playback functionality which allows transportation companies to see detailed records of where drivers have been when they arrived and when they departed. This critical data can drastically improve accountability, productivity, and efficiency for any company.

Navigate and monitor routes and deliveries

Send routes to delivery drivers, monitor drivers throughout their routes, reroute drivers, monitor pickup and departure time and much more all from the convenience of a single monitor or screen.

Quickly react to changing weather conditions, route changes, and vehicle status.

There are many factors which impact service and delivery times. PositionPTT radios and software allow any transportation company to monitor and quickly react to these issues all from a single desktop or tablet.

Drastically improve driver productivity.

PositonPTT handheld and mobile radios eliminate phone calls, texting, web browsing, and social media usage which will greatly improve the productivity of your drivers.

Crisp clear digital audio with noise cancellation technology

Transportation companies often operate in loud noisy environments. Our digital audio with noise cancellation technology provides crisp clear audio quality enabling you to communicate with your drivers effectively and efficiently.

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